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Absolute Pro-Formance's Integra got some serious recognition from Honda Tuning Magazine. The March/April 2011 issue features a six page spread on our car. We couldn't be happier.


John's old daily driver was now race ready, and after the original block decided to spit a piston through the sidewall, John upgraded to an LS/VTEC setup using the original GS-R head on a modified B18 block.

Back in 1994, most of us were still figuring out tht girls actually weren't "icky." As for John Schill, well, but that time he'd already been involved in the import tuning movement for a few years adn was in search of a replacement for his recently stolen '89 Integra. "There was a lot of talk about the redesign and I knew I loved my old one so I wanted to replace it with a new one." John walked into his local Acura dealer and dropped his hard-earned cash on a brand new Integra GS-R which he solely intended to be a daily driver. "I drove it stock for a little while but by 97' it had literally every bolt-on part available for the car, and it still wan't fast enough. I added some nitrous and consistently ran 12's." The late 90's and into the early '00'swere good for Jojn. He opened his shop, Absolute Pro-Formance, in his hometown of Finksburg, MD, and used his Integra to show what he and his staff could do. John's chance to shine came when the 12-second runs weren't cutting it anymore and the Integra went under the knife. "it just wasn't fast enough. that's when the car came off the road and I designed and installed its first turbo setup using a 72mm turbo. Then we sent it to our guys at HFR Fabrication where it got a 10-point cage-we hit 600hp, and were running low 10's all day."


For most people, a low 10-second run is plenty quick, but John's modding fever runs deep. When asked about the car's current incarnation. John's response made perfect sense. "We ran the car with 600 hp for a while until the chassis certifications were changed. The cage we had was originally good for 7.5-second quarter-mile runs, but when the rules changed, our cage was only certifed for 8.50's and we knew we were going to beat that time."


With the car already recieving some serious alterations, John figured he'd switch up his running class. Instead of running outlaw class, where Hondas have a decent foothold, John's sights were soon set on the Hot Rod class, which put forth a whole new set of advantages and challenges.



Wheelie bars adn parachute kit; serious business.